About me


My name is Stephanie, I’m from Shawinigan QC, Canada, and I have a confession to make : I’m a total craftaholic. 🙂

All joking aside, I’m a French Canadian crafter who is a devoted lover of anything fiber. I have been dabbling in fiber arts ever since I started sewing at 16, and since then I have widened my repertoire quite a bit with the addition of knitting, crocheting, weaving and spinning. I also recently started writing my own patterns and sometimes I sell handmade items on Etsy, http://www.etsy.com/shop/craftyeffiecreations, you can check it out! 🙂

In my other life, I have a degree in visual arts as well as a bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning and I work as a City Planner for the city of Shawinigan (gotta pay the bills, uh?). I’m a bona fide positivist, an avid cook, a creative free spirit and an adamant crafter. I have a wonderful husband called Wade who’s a musician and I also have two adorable cats named Cassy and Picasso.

I hope you’ll enjoy my rants, and I hope you won’t take anything too seriously… Because I’m really not that serious!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions – my email is craftyeffie@outlook.com – or leave a comment on any of my posts, it’ll be my pleasure to answer you 🙂


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