Craft resources

There’s so many ressources out there, the internet is such a vast space! To make your seach easier or at least in the hope of provinding you with a starting point if you’re a bit newer to all of this, here’s a short list of the ressources I use or have used, and found useful. Hope this helps!

Needle work (crochet, knitting)

  • Ravelry
    What it does : Ravelry has a lot of uses, but the most prominent feature of the website is its a colossal pattern database that records knitting and crochet patterns found in a variety of sources. Some patterns are available for free download, some can be bought online, some of them refer you to a book or a magazine, etc. The database is easy to navigate, you can filter your search by project type, yarn weight, yardage, difficulty level, etc. You can build up a profile, save your favorites, showcase your projects and connect with the community. It’s a must for every knitter.


    What it does : It’s an impressive weaving chart database where you can find different patterns for any number of shafts. While full access is not free, you can create an account for free, see how it works and if you like it you can subscribe for relatively low price to have access to the full drafts.


  • Craftsy
    What it does : They offer online video classes you can take on practically any subject; cooking, weaving, painting, knitting, sewing, cake decorating, etc. Classes aren’t free, but they are given by real professionals in their fields and come with downloadable course material and lifetime access. You can buy your class materials directly from the website and take your classes at your leisure, on your own schedule. One of the perks : they do have some free mini-classes you can try to see if you like it 🙂
  • YouTube
    What it does : You can find on YouTube a multitude of knitting, crochet, sewing, weaving or spinning tutorials, including tutorials. For knitting I personally like New stitch a day and Purl Soho and for crochet I would recommend The Crochet Crowd. But fear not, there are new YouTubers and new videos every day, a simple search will more than likely provide results you’ll be satisfied with 🙂

Online craft stores 


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